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Poster: graue Date: Jan 8, 2006 5:03am
Forum: opensource_audio Subject: Re: Never mind, I don't guess I'll bother...

Please don't assume apathy based on the lack of an immediate response.

If I recall your question, it was something related to batch uploading of radio shows. I did not respond to this question simply because I did not know the answer. And, as Diana Hamilton explains, the people who did know the answer may have been on vacation. Why don't you ask again and give it a second chance?

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Poster: C.L. Menser Date: Feb 1, 2006 12:02am
Forum: opensource_audio Subject: Re: Never mind, I guess I'll just guess...

Despite the paucity of information, and because of it, I forged ahead and just guessed my way through the process. This is the result. I divided it into five sections to keep it cd burning friendly.

That is the best collection for that program on or off the internet. It was eightteen years in the making. There is a list of documentary programs about the show but it's still incomplete at this time. If/when it's finished, I will perhaps attempt to add section six.


In the task list there is a link to "Mgr" but none of the buttons on that page worked. Not a one. URL's not found, time outs, busy signals, etc.

I hand edited the meta.xml file. It looks reasonable but I could find no place to enter key search words.

Keywords should be
* Old time radio
* comedy
* title and author

Searches don't turn up anything. I assume it takes time to work into the system. But like everything else, I'm guessing.

On searches, there is a place for related creators. There should also be related titles.

Related links should be (based on what's already on
* Lum and Abner
* The Great Gildersleeve
* Duffy's Tavern
* Si & Elmer (Si and Elmer)
* Harold Peary
* The Aldrich Family
* Amos & Andy (Amos and Andy)